Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by. My name is Diana and I have a certified obsession with makeup/beauty products. For as long as I can remember really, if it sparkles, shimmers and shines (or is any shade of pink) than I am all about it.

The good news is that because of this…um, problem…I have used hundreds of products. This gives me an excellent baseline for reviewing products to know how they really stack up: what is worth it and what you can skip.

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I only use green, natural, non-toxic makeup. For years I have been using natural products in most areas of my life–non-toxic cleaners, essential oils (instead of air fresheners, bug spray, tick repellent, etc. {and for many other remedies}), natural/aluminum-free deodorant, organic toothpaste, body/face lotion and cleanser, makeup remover,  perfume, shampoo and conditioner. I do the best I can all around–organic bedding, organic foods when possible…you get the point.

I used to make some exceptions when it came to makeup/beauty products. I used natural makeup Monday-Friday (day) and Friday and Saturday nights (if I was going out) I would use some conventional products — love me some Becca highlighter (I was a fan way before Jaclyn Hill and well, that only made it harder because she’s amazing), Marc Jacobs eyeliner, and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation.

BUT, I put chemical-laden makeup products in my rearview and have been fully ‘green’ for a while now. Experiencing so many conventional products is actually a ‘good thing’ for my reviews because I have high standards as far as performance goes and have used the best (and most) of what Sephora has to offer. 

I was incredibly shocked at how easy it was to leave the conventional/chemical options behind–because the natural options are so darn good–even for the most glam and fab looks!

So, check out my posts for all the info you need to know on the must-have green glam items, what your collection needs, and much more.