Current Obsessions: May Lindstrom | The Youth Dew


I absolutely love this hydrating facial serum (and it takes quite a bit for me to be impressed with a skin care product). I rarely find skin care products that I feel I can’t go without, or that I need to keep repurchasing–because I normally try other things.

Well, this is an exception for sure. This serum is magical – it gives an instant glow and brightening effect on the skin and it is sooooo hydrating without being greasy or heavy feeling. And it also maintains a bright and youthful appearance for hours. This is why I love to wear it under makeup, it is the perfect base. The Youth Dew gives a smoothing, plumping lift to the skin which creates a perfect canvas for foundation.

I have extremely dry skin and The Youth Dew helps my skin stay hydrated throughout the day/night so that my makeup doesn’t crack or get cakey/blotchy.

My normal routine: wash my face and pat it dry, use a few spritzes of a hydrating spray, apply a few drops of The Youth Dew. At night or when my skin is extra dry I normally then apply a small dollop of moisturizer {Beauty Counter} and eye cream {Beauty Counter}.



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