Moon Glimmer Cosmetics Eyeshadows: Swatches

Ok, ok so I’m a little overdue on these swatches – but finally, here they are!

These are swatched WET. I used my Honest Beauty Hydrating Mist (which I looove).

When these are dry they give a very, very sheer wash of color. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, but then one day when I was doing my makeup for work I decided to try out Ariel dry (all over the lid). And since it is soooo subtle dry that it just gave a soft pop of color to my lids, it was actually quite nice.

They are not the smoothest, most blend-able shadows ever, but they are certainly extremely unique colors that you just don’t find in green beauty. And when wet, the colors are WOW. But, I would recommend getting samples or starting with one or two to get a feel for their texture and the formula before deciding to go crazy. Some of them are smoother than others, but definitely adjust your expectations. I’m sure it’s the nature of the colors! The shipping was fast and she included some loose powder samples which was nice.

Left to Right:

  • Crushed Pearls (pearl white)
  • Zelda (pink-grey) – I have no idea why this is not like the swatch on the Moon Glimmer Etsy page, I’m thinking that perhaps I actually received a different color, or this was a more purple-grey batch than normal. Unfortunately I can’t double check because the pots aren’t labeled. If I solve the mystery I will let you know. Either way, I like this color just as much.
  • Enchant (pale lavender)
  • Ariel (violet-green shift)
  • Sea Witch (shimmering lavender)
  • Lightning (light pink)
  • Paisley (pink, bright pink)
  • Calliope (rose-gold, pink-gold)
  • Aphrodite (peach-gold, orange-gold)
  • Sailor Venus (orange-gold)

> Check Moon Glimmer Cosmetics out: On their Etsy page












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